Sponsorship is one of the ways we fund our efforts to provide a safe-haven for horses in need of refuge. Many of the horses we take in require significant amounts of "down time" due to physical and/or emotional trauma experienced prior to rescue. By maintaining a sustainable budget via sponsorship, we are able to prevent the "move 'em out quick!" mentality that is so often seen in the animal shelter and rescue world. These horses have been through enough in their lives. Our hope is to secure a promising and stable future to our rescues by encouraging trust and partnership with humans on the horses terms.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for any of the below listed categories, please contact Leah Peasley at


If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring HiCaliber Horse Rescue, we would love to speak with you! We will work with you to craft a benefits package appropriate to the level of your sponsorship. Benefits and recognition opportunities include (but are not limited to) event banners, signage at HiCaliber, Facebook recognition, website recognition, team-building opportunities and more!

SPONSOR A RESCUE ($150/month) --

Would you consider covering the cost of feed for one of our rescues? The average cost of feed for our horses is $150/month and our horses get a mix of alfalfa, Bermuda and supplements (as needed). If you are interested in sponsoring one of our rescues, you can choose the horse you would like to sponsor and we will recognize you on Facebook and on the website by their posting. Horses available for sponsorship include any listed on our Rehab or For Adoption pages. Each month as your sponsored rescue is being rehabilitated and coming one step closer to finding their forever family, you can know that you've played a vital role in their story. We appreciate the sponsorship being set up on PayPal as a recurring payment, but you are welcome to use whatever method you are most comfortable with. If you are interested, simply let us know what horse you'd like to sponsor and how you would like your sponsorship to be recognized. Thank you so much for sharing our commitment to giving these horses the second chance they deserve! (Fine print: Sponsorship of a horse does not give priority when the horse becomes available for adoption. All adoption decisions are made based on the best placement and match for the individual rescue.)

CO-SPONSOR A RESCUE ($75/month) --

All the same benefits of being a full Sponsor, but you share the credit! If you are interested in co-sponsoring, please identify the horse you would like to co-sponsor and let us know! (Fine print: Co-sponsorship of a horse does not give priority when the horse becomes available for adoption. All adoption decisions are made based on the best placement and match for the individual rescue.)

SPONSOR A SAVE! ($1,000) --

Do you want to see a post about HiCaliber picking up a new rescue -- whether from a distress sale, neglect situation or auction -- and know that that horse's save is because of YOU? The month-to-month costs of rehabilitating and maintaining our rescues can't be marginalized, however, the initial intake costs of a new rescue can often be prohibitive. Most rescues cost between $150-$500 at auction, hauling costs and then we must be prepared for immediate farrier and veterinarian costs including teeth floating, blood panels for emaciated horses, and worming. If you are interested in Sponsoring a Save, please let us know! If you have a specific type of save you are interested in sponsoring we will do our best to work with you.

Thank you to all of you who allow us to save lives via your generosity, shares, support and love!