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One Dolla Make You Holla! HiCaliber has initiated an adoption program specifically for our horses who could really benefit from one-on-one training, and for trainers who need a project! We have selected horses from our program which we have found to need more directed training and are offering them to qualified adopters/trainers for only $1. The adopter/trainer can put as much work as they like into the horse and can either keep them or set their own price and sell them. If the trainer elects to sell the horse, they can keep the sale proceeds for themselves or graciously donate any portion back to HiCaliber. BUT! The HiCaliber adoption contract GOES WITH THE HORSE. The adoption contract follows the horse to its forever home, and allows HiCaliber to ensure the safety of the animal for the rest of its life. A horse gets critical training and a forever home, and the trainer gets some excellent experience and potentially money. If you are a trainer looking for an awesome opportunity or an advanced horseman looking for a bestie/project take a look at what we got!